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Who are we? Find out about us!

Hyosung Motorcycles Takapuna

First things first, Hyosung Motorcycles Takapuna was opened in March 2010 and is New Zealand’s only motorcycle shop 100% dedicated to Hyosung Motorcycles.

We stock all models and colours Hyosung product along with a complete demonstrator range to allow customers to experience the full range of Hyosung motorcycles and scooters, be it a sports bike, street bike, cruiser or nippy scooter.

Our team consists of Ken, Richard, Beau, Stan and Mark. Between these six is over 100 years of experience in the motorcycle industry! We aim to be customer centric with our operations and strive to offer the best service possible.

At our shop on the shore we carry all the Hyosung parts and accessories maintaining a 98% supply rate, so chances are if you need something we will have it!

A quick touch on Hyosung!

Founded in 1978 as a division of the massive Hyosung Group, Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. began producing motorcycle designs under license for the South Korean market in 1979. In 1986, Hyosung established its own research and development centre in Japan and, the following year, began mass production of its own designs.

Hyosung was the official motorcycle supplier for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. In 2003 Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. was spun off from the Hyosung Group, and remained its own corporate entity until it was recently absorbed into one of the biggest companies in South Korea – S&T Machinery. Accordingly, Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. has now been renamed as S&T Motors Co. Ltd, but the Hyosung brand name remains unchanged.

S&T Motors Co. Ltd’s goal is simple: to become one of the major players in the global motorcycle industry. The massive company is committed to strengthening its international competitiveness through a vigorous research and development process.

In just 30 years, Hyosung has made a highly successful transition from producing simple, efficient bikes for commuting into the highly competitive recreational market. It’s also expanded into developed export markets such as Australia, Europe, America, Brazil and China

Hyosung motorcycles design and build their own bikes using their own components. Suzuki actually pay Hyosung to manufacture the LT80 and LT160 ATV’s which is further testament to Hyosung’s manufacturing process and quality controls.

Hyosung have sold over 3 Million motorcycles in over 57 countries and are one of the fastest growing motorcycle brands worldwide. Over 4,000 bikes have been sold in New Zealand since 2001 and the Hyosung 250 range have been one of New Zealand's most popular motorcycles. To compliment that the GT650R is one of the top selling sports bikes in Australia. Hyosung are seen as a major player in the NZ motorcycle market with an excellent range of fuel injected bikes, two year warranties and 26 Dealers nationwide.