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Credit Cards

Credit Card Security

When you have entered your purchase requirements, your credit card details are entered using Pay Pal. PayPal's technology and measures keep transaction and financial information safer and more private anti-fraud risk models, industry recognised Card Security Code to prevent credit card fraud and extensive use of data encryption. You'll also be equipped with the security tools and tips against identity theft and website and email phishing.

What is the Credit Card Identification Code (CIC)?

The CIC code was introduced by various credit card issuing organisations in order to help protect against credit card fraud in automated transactions like e-commerce.

The CIC code was intended to reduce credit card abuse such as a person placing an order using a stolen credit card that they have potentially obtained from a receipt or statement – with the CIC this is prevented. The CIC code is not printed by the merchant, on invoices, receipts or on any other document that could be misappropriated. Thus, banks will not print the CIC code on any customer statement, reducing the value to criminals of statements stolen from the mail.

The CIC code is a series of digits (generally a number) generated by the institution that issues the credit card. The digits do not appear in the card's magnetic stripe or in the card's embossed (raised) print. Instead, the digits are printed on the card using standard printing technologies that are intended to be read by human eyes rather than automatically by machines.

The CIC code has been optional since April 2001 and became mandatory for electronic transactions in some regions starting from October 2001. After the CIC code is enabled for a merchant, financial institutions expect that the merchant will always obtain the CIC code.

Locating your Credit Card Identification Code (CIC)

For Visa and Mastercard: The CIC is the 3 digit number at the end of the 16 digit printed card number, located on the back of the card. In some cases you may see only the last 4 digits of your card number with the additional 3 digit CIC following.

If you have difficulty locating your card identification code, you may wish to call your credit card company for assistance.